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Generator Video Inspection has become the most practical, efficient, and accurate method of assessing the operating condition of Primary Power Generators.

Until now, video crawler devices have been the exclusive domain of the generator manufacturers themselves. Back when the first robotic generator inspection devices were conceived, Nova Technology was called upon to develop the concept. Today, after 20 years with multiple devices deployed, our name is synonymous with the methodology – our progress has resulted in the most advanced packages available.

Now, every capable generator service provider can provide their customers with a complete service offering that will save hundreds of hours. The new GenEx will provide accurate generator assessments in hours or days, not weeks.


Find out about customization applications for your business.


GenEX provides rapid assessment of generators without removing the rotor; meeting traditional inspection requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Straight off the shelf, GenEX is ready to perform insitu generator inspection in many models including the 7FH2 and the GE324.

Use GenEX for Vision, Wedgetap, and El-Cid inspections.  Find faults, shorts, material deterioration, and more - all while cutting downtime by avoiding costly field pulls.


GenEX is proven in challenging industrial environments.

Unlike magnetic crawlers, GenEX has unparalleled maneuverability; getting into spaces other video inspection crawlers can’t.

​GenEX is the highest resolution insitu generator inspection crawler on the market.

​GenEx combines high definition real-time video with the ability to annotate still shots.


The entire GenEX system fits in one Pelican case and weighs less than 60lbs.

From unpacking GenEx to beginning an inspection takes less than 20 minutes.

Every GenEx robotic crawler comes with a 15-meter umbilical, acquisition computer, secondary monitor, and gamepad controller.



Size: 14.75" x 12.5" x .9"
Weight: 4.8 lbs (8.8 lbs with umbilical)

Minimum Entrance Gap: 0.9"
Minimum Rotor Diameter: 37"
Speed: 1.66 in/sec


Dual full-HD color video cameras including 1 forward facing and 1 right angle rotating

Auxiliary HD color video camera for use during wedge tapping

5MP annotatable still images

LED lighting


Integrated into a Pelican Air 1615 case
Voltage: 100-240 AC
Laptop with HD display
Secondary HD monitor
Joystick control

Total System Weight: 57 lbs

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